The research at the lab is developped along the three traditional axes : fabrication technology, device development and systems.

accelerometer (Miao Jianmin)
Accelerometer (MIAO Jianmin)

The lab houses project in many different field of the MEMS research : material development, process development, MEMS characterization, micro-sensors, optical MEMS, BioMEMS, micro-fluidic...

Pump flow
Flow simulation (NGUYEN Nam Trung)

The projects are mostly under the MEMS Strategic Research Program umbrella in the school of MAE, but other researcher from other Schools in NTU, as well as Research Institute in Singapore and private companies are also using the clean-room facility.

Diamond thin film
Diamond actuator (FU Yongqing)

Currently more than 50 different projects, with a total funding exceeding S$10 millions and involving more than 15 faculties and research staff with 10 Graduate students, are pursued within the lab.

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