A journey in the micro-world of the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)


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Table of Contents

A journey in the micro-world of the Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)


Reality or Science-Fiction?


Ink-jet printer nozzle

Projection display

Optical switch

Biomedical analysis

Material engineering

What is their common point?

MicroSystem Technology

What MEMS is notů yet!

But how did it start?

MEMS market

Evolution of MEMS market

MEMS Actors

MEMS market by segment

Future market by segment

Convinced ?

MEMS from A to Z

An advanced micro-system


Scaling laws examples

MEMS vs IC design

MEMS simulation

MEMS simulation tools

MEMS simulation tools...

Material constant

MEMS from A to Z

Microstructure fabrication


Bulk micro-machining

Bulk micro-machining...

Wafer bonding

Surface micro-machining

Sacrificial layer technology

Multi-layers technology

Deep RIE etching

Silicon MEMS vs IC process

Ubiquitous Silicon?

Electroplating process

LIGA process


Other fabrication processes

MEMS foundry?

MEMS foundry in Singapore?

System integration

Hybrid integration

Monolithic integration

Monolithic by IC first

Packaging & Test


Challenges to overcome


Author: Franck Chollet

Other information:
Adapted from a presentation done at the Precision Engineering 21st Forum in Singapore (22 March 2000)
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