Welcome to our Clean-Room!

The lab has a 200m2 10k/100 clean room furnished with state of the art equipment for the manufacturing of MEMS. We can perform all the essential steps needed to fabricate a successful MEMS device: thin-film deposition or growth, single or double side photolithography down to 1μm, etching with chemical or plasma with high aspect ratio, and characterization.

After you get registered, there are generally two ways to get work done using the equipment of the Micromachines Lab 1 Clean-Room:

The availability of the different machines may be checked on the booking webpage, and the procedure to use them is given on the training page. All users of the clean room are subject to the strict clean-room rules that insure a safe environment for everyone.


We have a large set of equipment that can be used to perform micromachining, characterization or simulation. Each piece of equipment has its detailed page where you can see what process you can perform, read operating manual...





Other machines


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